Multi room control system of Kiturami




The individual room control system of KITURAMI enables the user to dissociate 2 to 10 rooms, as far as the room temperature and the hot water supply concerns.
It is compatible with all  boilers of ΚITURAMI (excluding KRM mixed burning boilers  ang gas boilers).
It consists of the individual control panel NTX-10, the wired connections, and the room thermostats NRS-50B by which we select the desired room temperature or the hot water mode.
The autonomy of the heating circuits can be actualized through electro valves or by circulation pumps.


  1. Quick and easy installation
  2. Easy connection (wired connections)
  3. Simple operation
  4. Digital thermostat
  5. Built-in timer
  6. Damage diagnosis (troubleshooting)
  7. Selection of functioning time and shut off from each thermostat
Multi room control system of Kiturami
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